Abena Abri-Form Diapers

Abena Abri-Form X-Plus Diapers offer the Best Absorbency in the incontinence industry. The Abena Abri-Form X-Plus Diapers and Abena M4 Premium absorbs over 90 ounces of liquid.


Abena Abri-Form X-Plus Briefs Allow Significant SAVINGS for Incontinence Products users.

Abena Abri-Form can save users money due to their extremely high absorbent capacity. Typical adult diapers have an average capacity of 20 ounces of liquid before the need to change the diaper.  Abena diapers and their new Abena Abri-Form X-Plus diapers have an active capacity of 74-100 ounces of fluid. If a client passes 140 ounces of liquid per day, they would use 7 of the other leading brands adult diapers. The client would only need two Abena diapers to completely protect them 24/7. Therefore, Abena Abri-Form X-Plus users experience a significant savings month after month!

If you need to extend the capacity of your Abena M4 products you can use Booster Pads which you can place inside your Diaper or Brief to absorb an additional 12-28 ounces of fluid.

Abena Abri-Form Diapers Like the Abena M4 provide Care Givers Peace of Mind when dealing with Incontinence Products

Abena Diapers go beyond the traditional diaper style briefs, due to their cutting edge design which is focused on both the X-Plus Absorbency Capacity of the Abena M4, Abena S4, Abena L4 and Abena XL4 Diapers as well as having incredible Comfort and unmatched skin protection qualities.  Abena receives constant feedback from Caregivers stating that they prefer Abena Abri-Form X-Plus Diapers because they last longer and they know that their clients skin will remain healthy. With Abena Abri-Form unsurpassed absorption capacity,  Caregivers find that they increase overall client comfort, save time and ultimately a significant cost savings.


Abena Abri-Form X-Plus


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With Abena Abri-Form X-Plus Briefs Comfortable Undisturbed Sleep Brings Peace of Mind.

Abena Abri-Form X-Plus Diapers created the first Incontinence Brief that eases the pressure on the budget.  The Abena Abri-Form X-Plus diaper not only has the absorbent qualities to enable users to make it Through The Night without the need to change their brief. With Millions of Satisfied Users Throughout the World Abena Abri-Form Briefs have truly earned their title "Best of the Best Adult Incontinence Products"

You can NOW Have Them Delivered to your Home anywhere in the USA in Discreet Packaging!

Abena Abri-Form Diapers Enable Active Day Time Use with The Abena M4 and Overnight Use by offering a 75+ Oz. Capacity.

The Abena Abri-Form X-Plus Diapers are for Extreme-Performance Day Use. They offer maximum comfort for an Adult Absorbent Brief while having re-fastenable tape tabs that can be fastened and refastened over and over throughout the day without any problems.

Abena Abri-Form X-Plus Briefs come in 4 sizes:
Abena Abri-Form S4 Small, Abena Abri-Form M4 Medium, Abena Abri-Form L4 Large, and Abena Abri-Form XL4 Extra Large Diapers. They are sold by the Pack or by the case.

If you are looking for a Pull-Up Style Brief, you should take a look at the Abena Abri-Flex Line of Absorbent Pull-Up Products Which come in the Abri-Flex S3, M3, L3, and XL3 which have similar absorbency ratings to Abena Diapers.


Abena M4 and M Product Line of X-Plus Absorbent Protection Allows Individuals Who Are Dealing With Incontinence To Have An Effective Product That Provides Not Only The Absorbent Capacity To Make It Overnight Without The Need For a Change,  But Also Provides Uncompromising Skin Protection.

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